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Few words about Learn It All Academy™


Students study the technical subjects in their books but gathering experience through hands on experiments is something which makes them confident & skilled in true sense. The companies currently give preference to only those who are confident in practical knowledge. So currently the Learn It All Academy is conducting Practical courses Aiming to make the students ready for stepping into their professional world with self-confidence.



Automation Training System
Automated systems are found in almost every industry today. With Learn It All Training Kits, students gain insight into the use of automation technology in a production environment. The LearnItAll Trainer stations represent simplified models of typical production processes found in most automated factories.

Learning Objectives 

The LearnItAll Training Kits covers a variety of topics and objectives including:
     • Introduction to industrial automation technical terms.
     • Planning, developing, and building automated systems.
     • Technical documentation.
     • Building models and creating simulations.
     • Open and closed-loop control systems.
     • Pneumatic and electrical actuators, sensors and controllers.
     • Using computers as tools for programming and simulation.


Realistic and Challenging

     • The LearnItAll Training Kits replicates industrial production processes using mostly industrial components.
     • The system includes a range of exercises designed to challenge the student in a“hands-on” environment of constructing, modifying, and programming an automated Mechatronic system.
     • All necessary tools and hardware required for making modifications are included.
     • Wiring of the electrical components is simple, using standard industrial connectors.
     • LearnItAll stations can be used individually. Each station performs a practical function and safely demonstrates the characteristics of a fully automated process.



Currently the Learn It All Academy is continuously involved in developing multilingual guidebooks on various technical subjects like Automation, CAD, CNC, Electronics, Welding, Video Editing etc.


Souvik Biswas

So much learnable academy in low cost.You can join here without any hestitation…..the environment is also too good…and the teacher is also friendly

Sarmita Saha

One of the best learning academy in modelling and designing at a resounable price. You will get admit here with nothing and come out being a professional

Arnab Das

Effective and reasonable learning in a good package…. Very much recommendable…..

Management Team


Mechanical Engineer, Over 20 Years Experience in Construction & Renovation Works (Bridge & Structures)

Satadru Banerjee

Electrical Engineer, Industrial Automation & Robotics Specialist, Maintenance and R&D Expert, Lead Trainer

Paramita Banerjee

Electrical Engineer, Expert in Linear Control & Mathematics

Satyaki Dutta

Zoologist, Expert Scientific Content Writer, Research & Development of Biological & Non-conventional Systems.